Managing schedule, cost, and budget plays a pivotal role in the implementation of successful program delivery. To achieve this, scheduling and cost engineering combined with a system of well-defined program controls is essential. At Zen Consulting, we use a four step model for program controls: Plan, Monitor, Analyze, and Report which are executed in four processes.

Program Controls

  1. Planning the work breakdown structure through the development of baseline schedule, and baseline cost.
  2. Updating the schedule progress, actual costs, and estimates of time and cost to complete.
  3. Analyzing the actual results against baseline plans to determine the performance variance against program costs and schedule objectives.
  4. Reporting the current schedule progress, forecast at completion, and the results of plan variance analysis.

Zen Consulting’s program controls practices include schedule, and budget management, estimating, cash flow projections, budget reallocation, contingency management, cost and schedule forecasting and progress reporting. Through rigorous iteration, we have developed the system and business processes necessary to manage cost and schedule, analyze variances, report program performance metrics, and captures lessons learned documentation.